About us

While we are very small in comparison to some of the other County Trusts, we feel it is important to have a well-defined organisational structure.

The Structure

The Trust is run by an Executive Committee which meets three times a year. There are sub-committees for Grants and the other for Marketing/Membership (Friends)/Events (MME) which includes Ride and Stride. The Ride and Stride (formerly known as the Bike Ride) is the main source of our income; its Coordinators work a team of Area Coordinators.

The Trust has a long list of Patrons and, in accordance with the Charities Act 1992, there are currently five Trustees:
Lady Joan Appleyard
Caroline Edwards
The Venerable Adrian Harbidge
Rev Canon Dr Howard Mellor
Canon Roland Riem
John Steel
The Reverend Canon Paul Townsend

Executive Committee

Chairman Lady Joan Appleyard
Honorary Secretary Caroline Edwards
Honorary Treasurer John Steel
Chris Balchin,   Meryl Balchin,   Sue Filer,  Annette Gibson,  Rev Margaret Hay,  The Venerable Adrian Harbidge,
Rev Samantha Martell,  Keith Miller,  Richard Osmond,  David Pye,  Cathy Roberts,  The Venerable Dr Peter Rouch,
Rosemary Walker,   Christine Wort,  Geoffrey Wort

Ride and Stride Co-ordinators

Ride & Stride email Christine Wort,   Geoffrey Wort,  Chris Balchin

Grants Sub-committee

Chairman The Venerable Adrian Harbidge
Honorary Secretary Rosemary Walker
Meryl Balchin,  Michael Carden,   Jeremy Poll,   David Pye,   Gary Seymour,   The Venerable Peter Sutton

Marketing and Membership (Friends) and Events

Website Chris Balchin
Membership (Friends) Secretary Keith Miller
Ride and Stride Team Christine & Geoffrey Wort
Events Meryl Balchin
Media/Publicity Sarah Miller
Area Coordinator Representative Margaret Hay

Data Protection

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