Participating Churches 2019

Updates to the participating churches list have been made since first publication and are highlighted below in yellow, last update 21 August 2019

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Many churches offer refreshments and someone to show visitors around. Others are open for you to look around yourself and some have a 'Welcome Card' outside for signing. The following options for church opening are:

Option R - The church will be open and providing REFRESHMENTS for part or all of the day between 10am and 6pm

Option T - The church will be open part or all of the time between 10am and 6pm, with TOILETS available on site or nearby.

Option O - The church will be open to look around, but no one will be there to welcome Riders & Striders.

Option C - The church will not be open, but the Welcome Card will be placed outside or in the porch to sign between 10am and 6pm.

Option NP - The church is not participating this year.

Option U - The church is currently not confirmed as participating this year

WEDDINGS - PLEASE be sensitive! Write 'wedding' in the space for initialling, if it is inappropriate to enter the church or churchyard.

Please click here to contact the County Ride and Stride Coordinator Team, or telephone 01264 810584.

As you may wish to plan your Ride and Stride across County borders please click on the Counties below to find their list of participating churches

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You may want to visit some of our nine outstanding redundant historic churches in Hampshire - please see the following link:
The Churches Conservation Trust