Participating Churches - 2016 - to be updated for 2017

Updates to the participating churches list have been made since first publication and are highlighted below in yellow, last update 8 September 2016 .

Many churches offer refreshments and someone to show visitors around. Others are open for you to look around yourself and some have a 'Welcome Card' outside for signing. The following options for church opening are:
Option R The church will be open and providing REFRESHMENTS for part or all of the day between 10 am and 6 pm

Option T The church will be open part or all of the time between 10 am and 6 pm, with TOILETS available on site or nearby.
Option O The church will be open to look around, but no one will be there to welcome Riders & Striders.
Option C The church will not be open, but the Welcome Card will be placed outside or in the porch to sign between 10am and 6pm.

PLEASE be sensitive! Write 'wedding' in the space for initialling, if it is inappropriate to enter the church or churchyard.

Please click here to contact the County Ride and Stride Coordinator Team, or telephone 01264 810584.

As you may wish to plan your Ride and Stride across County borders please click on the Counties below to find their list of participating churches

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You may want to visit some of our nine outstanding redundant historic churches in Hampshire - please see the following link:
The Churches Conservation Trust

Please click on the title of each area to obtain a map of the participating churches.
To see adjoining areas please select either North/Central Hampshire or Central/South Hampshire

Hampshire Participating Churches

Alresford AreaBack to Top

Post Code of Church
Church facilities
Alresford St John the Baptist West Street SO24 9AG O Weddings @ 1.30 and 4.00
Alresford Alresford Methodist Jacklyns Lane SO24 9JJ C  
Alresford St Gregory Grange Road SO24 9HD C
Alresford New Farm Chapel New Farm Road SO24 9QH C
Avington St Mary Avington Village SO21 1DD R
Beauworth St James Westfield Drove SO24 0PA R
Bighton All Saints Church Lane SO24 9RA R
Bishop's Sutton St Nicholas       Not participating
Bradley All Saints Off Berrywood Lane SO24 9SA R, T Toilets nearby
Bramdean St Simon & St Jude Church Lane SO24 0JS R
Brown Candover St Peter Alresford Road SO24 9TN R
Cheriton St Michael Cheriton SO24 0PZ R
Cliddesden St Leonard Church Lane RG25 2LQ R
Dummer All Saints Up Street RG25 2AG T
Easton St Mary Church Lane SO21 1EH R
Ellisfield St Martin       Not participating
Farleigh Wallop St Andrew       Not participating
Hinton Ampner All Saints Hinton Hill SO24 0LA   Not participating
Itchen Abbas St John the Baptist Avington Lane SO21 1BJ R, T
Itchen Stoke St Mary       Not participating
Kilmeston St Andrew Church Hill SO24 0NL R
Martyr Worthy St Swithun Church Lane SO21 1DY R
Northington St John the Evangelist Church Close SO24 9TH   Not participating
Old Alresford St Mary the Virgin Basingstoke Road SO24 9DL R
Ovington St Peter Lovington Lane SO24 0RB R, T  
Preston Candover St Mary the Virgin       Not participating
Ropley St Peter Church Street SO24 0DT   Fire - not participating
Ropley Monkwood Mission Church       Not participating
Tichborne St Andrew Church Lane SO24 0NA R
West Tisted St Mary Magdalene Punsholt Lane SO24 0HJ O
Wield St James Church Lane SO24 9RT R
Winslade St Mary       Not participating

Alton AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Alton Baptist Mount Pleasant GU34 1NP T
Alton Methodist Drayman's Way GU34 1AU R, T
Alton Harvest Church Maltings Close GU34 1DT T
Alton All Saints Butts Road GU34 1ND R, T
Alton St Lawrence Church Street GU34 2BU R, T
Alton St Mary 59 Normandy Street GU34 1DN R
Alton Quaker Meeting House Church Street GU34 2DA R, T
Beech St Peter Wellhouse Road GU34 4AQ C
Bentley St Mary Church Lane GU10 5NA R
Bentworth St Mary Church Street GU34 5RE O
Binsted Holy Cross Church Wyck Lane GU34 4NX R
Chawton St Nicholas Old Gosport Road GU34 1SJ R, T Wedding 2.30 - 4.00, no toilet then
Colemore St Peters ad Vincula Shell Lane GU34 3RX O
East Tisted St James Station Road GU34 3QP O
East Worldham St Mary Church Lane GU34 3AS R
Farringdon All Saints Church Road GU34 3EG R
Four Marks Good Shepherd Lymington Bottom GU34 5AA R, T
Froyle St Mary Upper Froyle GU34 4LD   Not participating
Hartley Mauditt St Leonard Hartley Mauditt GU34 3BL O
Holybourne Holy Rood Church Lane GU34 4HD   Not participating
Kingsley All Saints Main Road GU35 9LY T
Kingsley St Nicholas South Hay Lane GU35 9NW R
Lasham St Mary Church Lane GU34 5SJ R
Medstead United Reformed South Town Road GU34 5JF R
Medstead St Andrew Church Street GU34 5LX R, T
Newton Valence St Mary Newton Lane GU34 3RE R
Oakhanger St Mary Magdalene Main Road GU35 9JN O
Selborne St Mary The Plestor GU34 3JQ   Not participating
Shalden SS. Peter & Paul Shalden Lane GU34 4DX R
West Worldham St Nicholas Blanket Street GU34 3BD R, T

Andover AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Abbotts Ann St Mary Church Lane SP11 7BE R  
Amport St Mary Furzedown Lane SP11 8BW T  
Andover Bridge Street Methodist Bridge Street SP10 1BJ R, T  
Andover St Mary Church Close SP10 1ER T  
Andover West St Michael & All Angels Colebrook Way SP10 3BB R, T  
Appleshaw St Peter-in-the-Wood Appleshaw SP11 9BH R  
Charlton St Thomas Charlton (Village) SP10 4AN R, T  
Chilbolton St Mary-the-Less Village Street SO20 6BG O  
Crawley St Mary Main Road SO21 2PZ R  
Enham Alamein St George Chapel Lane SP11 6HN R  
Fyfield St Nicholas Fyfield Road SP11 8EL R, T  
Goodworth Clatford St Peter Church Lane SP11 7SF R, T  
Grateley St Leonard Church Lane SP11 8TA R  
Hatherden Christ Church Hungerford Lane SP11 0HT R, T  
Kimpton St Peter and St Paul Deacon Road SP11 8PH R  
Littleton St Catherine Main Road SO22 6QS R  
Monxton St Mary Monxton Road SP11 8AH R  
Nether Wallop St Andrew Church Hill SO20 8ET R  
Over Wallop St Peter Station Road SO20 8HT O  
Penton Mewsey Holy Trinity Chalkcroft Lane SP11 0RR T  
Quarley St Michael Thruxton Road SP11 8PZ   Not participating
Shipton Bellinger St Peter High Street SP9 7UF R  
Smannell Christ Church Smannell Road SP11 6JW R  
Sparsholt St Stephen Main Road SO21 2NJ   Not participating
Tangley St Thomas Tangley
SP11 0SG O  
Thruxton St Peter and St Paul Church Lane SP11 8NL R  
Upper Clatford All Saints Church Lane SP11 7PD R  
Weyhill St Michael & All Angels Weyhill Road SP11 0QJ R  
Wherwell St Peter & Holy Cross Church Street SP11 7JJ T  

Basingstoke AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Basingstoke All Saints Southern Road RG21 3EA R, T  
Basingstoke St Michael Church Square RG21 7QW T  
Basingstoke United Reformed Church London Street RG21 7NU O  
Basingstoke Church of Christ the King Brighton Hill RG22 4EH   Not participating
Baughurst St Stephen Browning Hill Road RG26 5JY R  
Bramley St James The Street RG26 5DF O  
Eastrop St Mary Goat lane RG21 7PZ C  
Hannington All Saints Village Green RG26 5TZ   Not participating
Litle London St Stephen Little London RG26 5ES C  
Monk Sherborne All Saints Monk Sherborne RG26 5HW C  
Oakley Oakley Methodist Church Hill Road RG23 7HR C  
Oakley St Leonard Rectory Road RG23 7ED R  
Old Basing St Mary Church Lane RG24 7DJ R, T  
Padworth Common Mortimer West End Chapel Chapel Lane RG7 4QE O  
Pamber Green Pamber Priory Church Pamber End RG26 5QS C  
Pamber Heath St Luke Church Road RG26 3DZ T  
Ramsdell Christ Church Monk Sherborne Road RG26 5RA O  
Sherborne St John St Andrew Church Lane RG24 9HT C  
Silchester St. Mary the Virgin Church Lane RG7 2LS R, T Wedding
Silchester Methodist Church Pamber Road RG7 2NY C  
Tadley Main Road Methodist Ch. A340 RG26 3NJ O  
Tadley St Mary Newchurch Road RG26 4HQ R  
Tadley United Reform Church Malthouse Lane RG26 3NY T  
Tadley St Paul The Green RG26 3PB T  
Tadley St Peter Church Road RG26 3AU C  
Tadley Common Methodist Church Main Road RG26 4HN C  
Winklebury Church of the Good Shepherd Winklebury Centre RG23 8BU T  
Wootton St Lawrence RG23 8PE R  
Worting St Thomas of Canterbury Church Lane RG23 8PX R Wedding from 2.30

Bishop's Waltham AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Bishop's Waltham St Peters St Peter's Street SO32 1AD R, T Open 10 - 4
Bishop's Waltham United Free Church Basingwell Street SO32 1AL R, T Open 10 - 1 then C
Corhampton Saxon Church Warnford Road SO32 3ND O  
Curdridge St Peter Church Lane SO32 2DR   Not participating
Droxford St Mary and All Saints The Square SO32 3RB R, T Toilet at Village Hall
Durley Holy Cross Church Lane SO32 2AQ   Not participating
Exton St Peter & St Paul Church Lane SO32 3NU R  
Hambledon St Peter & St Paul Church Lane PO7 4RT T  
Meonstoke St Andrew Church Lane SO32 3NE T  
Newtown Holy Trinity Church Road PO17 6LJ T  
North Boarhunt Independent Methodist Trampers Lane PO17 6DG   Not participating
Shedfield St John the Baptist Church Road SO32 2HY R, T  
Soberton St Peter School Hill SO32 3PF O  
South Boarhunt St Nicholas South Boarhunt PO16 6AS   Not participating
Southwick St James High Street PO17 6EF T  
Swanmore St Barnabas Church Road SO32 2PA T  
Swanmore Methodist Chapel Road SO32 2QB R, T  
Upham The Blessed Mary Church Street SO32 1JH   Not participating
Wickham St Nicholas A32/Southwick Road PO17 6HP R, T  
Wickham St Thomas More Winchester Road PO17 5HA   Not participating

Eastleigh & Southampton AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Bassett St Michael & All Angels Bassett Avenue SO16 7FD   Not participating
Boyatt Wood St Peter Shakespeare Road SO50 4FZ   Not participating
Hedge End St John the Evangelist St John's Road SO30 4AF T  
North Stoneham St Nicolas Church Stoneham Lane SO50 9HS   Not participating
Southampton St Michael Bugle Street SO14 2AD   Not participating
St Denys St Denys Dundee Road SO17 2ND   Not participating
St Marys St Mary St Mary's Street SO14 1NX   Not participating
Weston Holy Trinity Weston Lane SO19 9HG C  
West End St James West End Road SO30 3LT O  
Woolston St Mark's Church Weston Grove Road SO19 9FS   Not participating

Fareham & Gosport AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Alverstoke St Mary Green Road PO12 2ET O Wedding @ 1.00
Bridgemary St Matthews Wych Lane PO13 0TN R  
Fareham St Peter & St Paul Osborn Road PO16 7DR R, T  
Fareham Methodist King's Road PO16 0NU C  
Fareham St Columba Hillson Drive PO15 6PF R, T  
Fareham Holy Trinity West Street PO16 0EL R  
Fareham St John St Michaels Grove PO14 1DN C  
Gosport St Thomas Elson Road PO12 4EZ R  
Gosport Gosport Methodist Stoke Road PO12 1JB T  
Gosport St Mary the Virgin Rowner Lane PO13 9SU R, T  
Gosport Christ Church Stoke Road PO12 1JQ R  
Gosport Holy Trinity Trinity Green PO12 1HL R  
Gosport Bury Road URC Bury Road PO12 3UD C  
Gosport St Columba URC Elson Road PO12 4BW R, T  
Gosport St John the Evangelist Forton Road PO12 4TQ R, T  
Lee-on-the-Solent Lee Methodist High Street PO13 9HY R  
Lee-on-the-Solent St Faiths Victoria Square PO13 9NF R, T  
Portchester St Mary Castle Street PO16 9QW R, T  
Stubbington Holy Rood Gosport Road PO14 2AS T  
Stubbington St Edmunds Lychgate Green PO14 3LL   Not participating
Titchfield St Peter Church Street PO14 4AG R  
Warsash St Mary Church Road SO31 9GF T  

Havant AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Bedhampton St Thomas Bidbury Lane PO9 3JG T  
Blendworth Holy Trinity Blendworth Lane PO8 0AB R, T  
Catherington All Saints Catherington Lane PO8 0TD O  
Chalton St Michael & All Angels Chalton Lane PO8 0BG O  
Clanfield St James South Lane PO8 0RA R, T  
Cowplain Hart Plain Church Hart Plain Avenue PO8 8RG C  
Cowplain St Wilfrid Padnell Road PO8 8DZ
R, T  
Denmead All Saints Park Road PO7 6NN T  
Eastoke, Hayling Is. St Andrew Southwood Road PO11 9QE   Not participating
Emsworth Methodist Church 19 High Street PO10 7AQ R, T Open 10 - 12
Emsworth St James North Street PO10 7DP R, T  
Emsworth Baptist Church North Street PO10 7BY R, T  
Havant St Faith West Street PO9 1EH R  
Havant St Joseph West Street PO9 1LP O  
Havant United Reformed Church North Street PO9 1EH R, T  
Hayling Island St Peter St Peter's Road PO11 0RT O  
Hayling Island St Patrick RC Manor Road PO11 0QU C  
Idsworth St Hubert (no name) PO8 0BA R, T  
Leigh Park St Francis Riders Lane PO9 4QT T  
Portsdown Christ Church London Road, Widley PO6 3ND R, T  
Purbrook St John the Baptist London Road PO7 5RS C  
Rowlands Castle St John the Baptist Redhill Road PO9 6DF O  
South Hayling St Mary Church Road PO11 0NT R, T  
Warblington St Thomas a Becket Church Lane PO9 2TU O  
Warren Park St Clare St Clare's Avenue PO9 4JX C  
Waterlooville Sacred Heart & St. Peter the Apostle 354 London Road PO7 7SR C, T  
Waterlooville St George St George's Walk PO7 7XR R, T  
Waterlooville Baptist Church 368 London Road PO7 7SY R, T  
Waterlooville The Good Shepherd Crookhorn Lane PO7 5QB C  
West Leigh St Alban Bartons Road PO9 5RU C  

Isle of Wight AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Arreton St Georges Main Road PO30 3AB T  
Bembridge Holy Trinity Church Road PO35 5NA R, T

Brunch 11 - 1.30 Refreshments all day

Binstead Holy Cross Church Road PO33 3TA R  
Bonchurch St Boniface Bonchurch Shute PO38 1NU R, T  
Bonchurch St Boniface Old Church Village Road PO38 1RQ O  
Brading St Mary the Virgin High Street PO36 0ED R, T Open 10 - 4
Brighstone St Mary Main Road PO30 4BB R  
Brook St Mary the Virgin Main Road PO30 4EP R  
Calbourne All Saints The Green PO30 4JY O  
Carisbrooke St Mary the Virgin Carisbrooke High St PO30 1NT   Not participating
Chale St Andrew Church Place PO38 2HA   Not participating
Cowes Holy Trinity Queens Road PO31 7QT R, T  
Cowes St Mary the Virgin Church Road PO31 8HA   Not participating
East Cowes St. James Church Path PO32 6RL R, T  
Gatcombe St Olave Gatcombe Road PO30 3EG   Not participating
Godshill All Saints Church Hill PO38 3HY O  
Gunville Gunville Methodist Gunville Road PO30 5LS   Not participating
Gurnard All Saints Tuttons Hill PO31 8JA O  
Havenstreet St Peter Church Road PO33 4DW R  
Mottistone Sts. Peter & Paul Main Road PO30 4ED R  
Newchurch All Saints High Street PO36 0NN R, T  
Newport St John Drake Road PO30 1EQ T Open 10 - 4
Newport Newport Minster St Thomas' Square PO30 1JU O  
Newtown Holy Spirit Town Lane PO30 4PA R, T  
Niton St John the Baptist Church Street PO38 2BS R, T  
Northwood St John the Baptist Chawton Lane PO31 8PR R, T  
Ryde All Saints Queens Road PO33 3BG R, T  
Ryde Aspire (former Holy Trinity) Dover Street PO33 2BN R, T Cafe & Bouncy Castle!
Ryde Quarr Abbey Quarr Road PO33 4ES   Not participating
Ryde St John the Baptist High Park Road PO33 1BP R, T  
Ryde St Michael and All Angels St Michael's Av PO33 3ED R, T  
Sandown Christ Church The Broadway PO36 9ET R Open 10 - 2
Sandown St John the Evagelist Carter Road PO36 8BL R, T Open 11 - 3
Seaview St Peter Church Street PO34 5EN R, T  
Shalfleet St Michael Church Lane PO30 4ND   Not participating
Shanklin St Blasius Church Road PO37 6QY R  
Shanklin St Paul Regent Street PO37 7AW R Open 10 - 2
Shorwell St Peter Farriers Way PO30 3JN R  
St Helens St Helen Eddington Rd PO34 5EF O  
Thorley St Swithin Thorley Street PO41 0SS R, T  
Totland Bay Christ Church Alum Bay New Road PO39 0ES   Not participating
Ventnor St Alban St Albans Road PO38 1DE T  
Ventnor St Catherine Church Street PO38 1SW R, T  
Ventnor Holy Trinity Trinity Road PO38 1NS R, T  
Ventnor St Lawrence Undercliff Drive PO38 1XJ R  
Ventnor St Lawrence Old Church Seven Sisters Road PO38 1UY R  
Whippingham St Mildred Beatrice Avenue PO32 6LW R, T  
Whitwell St Mary & St Rhadegund Kemming Road PO38 2RA R Open 10 - 2
Wootton St Edmund Church Road PO33 4PX R, T  
Wroxall St John the Evangelist St.John's Road PO38 3EE R  
Yarmouth St James The Square PO41 0NP   Not participating
Yaverland St John the Baptist Yaverland Road PO36 8QW O Open 10 - 4

New Forest AreaBack to Top

Please refer to following website for information on visiting the New Forest
The New Forest Area is a combination of two Deaneries - Lyndhurst and Christchurch

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Ashley St Peter Ashley Common Road BH25 5AN R, T  
Bashley St John the Baptist St John's Road BH25 5SB C  
Beaulieu, Buckler's Hard St Mary's Chapel Buckler's Hard SO42 7XB   Not participating
Beaulieu Beaulieu Abbey Church Palace Lane SO42 7YG   Not participating
Boldre St John the Baptist Church Lane SO41 5PG R, T Wedding 12.30 - 2.30
Bransgore St Mary the Virgin Ringwood Road BH23 8JH   Not participating
Bransgore All Saints Burley Road BH23 8DY R  
Breamore St Mary Breamore House SP6 2DF O Wedding @ 12.00
Brockenhurst St Nicholas Church Lane SO42 7UB O Wedding 10 - 3.00
Brockenhurst St Saviour Wilverley Road SO42 7SP O Wedding 10 - 1.30
Copythorne St Mary Romsey Road SO40 2PB   Not participating
Damerham St George Church Lane SP6 3HL R  
East Boldre St Paul Main Road SO42 7WS R, T  
Emery Down Christ Church Stoney Cross Road SO43 7DY   Not participating
Everton St Mary Branwood Close SO41 0LU R, T  
Exbury St Katherine Summer Lane SO45 1AZ R, T  
Fordingbridge St Mary the Virgin Church Street SP6 1BB T  
Fritham Fritham Free Church   SO43 7HJ   Not participating
Godshill St Giles Southampton Road SP6 2LE O  
Hale St Mary

Hale Park
(behind the house)

SP6 2RF T  
Hordle All Saints Hordle Lane SO41 0FB R, T  
Lymington St Thomas St Thomas Street SO41 9ND T  
Lyndhurst St Michael and All Angels High Street SO43 7BD   Not participating
Marchwood St John the Apostle Main Road SO40 4SX O  
Milford on Sea All Saints Greenbanks Close SO41 0SQ R, T  
Minstead All Saints Church Lane SO43 7EX   Not participating
Netley Marsh St Matthew Ringwood Road SO40 7GD   Not participating
New Milton St Mary Magdalene Church Lane BH25 6QL R, T  
Pilley St Nicholas Chapel Pilley Street SO41 5QF R, T  
Rockbourne St Andrew Manor Farm SP6 3NN O  
South Baddesley St Mary the Virgin Brook Hill SO41 5RP R, T  
Sway St Luke Church Lane SO41 6AD O  
Tiptoe St Andrew Sway Road SO41 6FR R, T  
Whitsbury St Leonard Whitsbury Road SP6 3QT O  
Woodgreen St Boniface Hale Road SP6 2AJ T  

Odiham AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Cove St John St John's Road GU14 9PW C  
Darby Green St Barnabas Brinns Lane GU17 0BT C  
Eversley St Mary Church Lane RG27 0PX O  
Greywell St Mary The Street RG29 1DA R  
Heckfield St Michael Church Lane RG27 0LG   Not participating
Herriard St Mary A339 RG25 2PL   Not participating
Long Sutton All Saints The Street RG29 1SS O  
Mapledurwell St Mary Church Lane RG25 2LH R  
Mattingley Mattingley Church The Green RG27 8LA   Not participating
Nateley Scures St Swithun Blackstocks Lane RG27 9PH R, T  
Newnham St Nicholas Newnham Green RG27 9AL R  
Odiham All Saints The Bury RG29 1LZ C  
Rotherwick Rotherwick Church The Street RG27 9BG   Not participating
Sherfield-on-Lodden St Leonard Church End RG27 0JB   Not participating
South Warnborough St Andrew Alton Rd RG29 1RS R  
Stratfield Saye St Mary Stratfield Saye Park
via Pheasantry Gate
RG7 2BY O  
Tunworth All Saints Tunworth RG25 2NB R  
Upton Grey St Mary Church Street RG25 2PH   Not participating
Up Nately St Stephen Greywell Road RG27 9PR O  
Weston Patrick St Lawrence Church Lane RG25 2NT R  
Yateley St Peter Oaklands GU46 7LR C  
Yateley St Swithun's RC Firgrove Road GU46 6NH C  
Yateley Baptist Cricket Hill Lane GU46 4BA C  

Petersfield AreaBack to Top  

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Blackmoor St Matthew Blackmoor GU33 6BN R, T  
Bramshott St Mary the Virgin Church Road GU30 7AN R, T  
Buriton St Mary C of E North Lane GU31 5RT R, T  
East Meon All Saints Church Church Lane GU32 1NL R, T  
Empshott Holy Rood Church Lane GU33 6HT R  
Froxfield St.Peter High Cross GU32 1EG R  
Froxfield Green St Peter's on the Green The Green GU32 1DQ R  
Greatham St.John the Baptist Petersfield Road GU33 6HB R, T  
Greatham Old Church [ruin] Petersfield Road GU33 6HB C Rare alabaster tomb
Hawkley St Peter & St Paul Upper Green GU33 6LX R  
Langrish St John Winchester Road GU32 1QY O  
Liphook Liphook Methodist London Road GU30 7AN T, C  
Liphook Church Centre Portsmouth Road GU30 7DJ R, T  
Liss St Mary Station Road GU33 7AQ R, T  
Liss St Peter International Presbyterian Church Street GU33 6JY T  
Petersfield United Reformed Church College Street GU31 4AG R, T  
Petersfield St Peter The Square GU32 3HS T  
Petersfield St Laurence Catholic Station Road GU32 3ED R, T  
Petersfield Methodist Church Station Road GU32 3EB R, T  
Priors Dean Priors Dean Church Priors Dean GU32 1BP O  
Privett Holy Trinity Merepond Lane GU34 3PE R  
Sheet St Mary Magdalene Sheet Green GU32 2AY R  
Steep All Saints Church Road GU32 2DE R, T  
Warnford Church of our Lady Warnford Park SO32 3LA R, T  
West Liss St Peters IPC Church Road GU33 6JY   Not participating
West Meon St.John the Evangelist Church Lane GU32 1LF R  

Portsmouth AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Copnor St Cuthbert Lichfield Road PO3 6EA R, T  
Cosham St Colman St Colman's Avenue PO6 2JJ O  
Cosham St Philip Hawthorn Crescent PO6 2TL R, T  
Drayton The Resurrection Penrhyn Ave PO6 2AP   Not participating
Farlington St Andrew Havant Road PO6 1AA T  
Fratton St Mary Fratton Road PO1 5PA R, T Open 10 - 3.30
Hilsea St Francis Northern Parade PO2 9LU R, T  
Milton St James 287 Milton Road PO4 8PG R Wedding @ 12
North End St Mark Derby Road PO2 8HR T Open 10 - 4
North End St Nicholas Battenburg Avenue PO2 0SN T Open 10 - 4
Old Portsmouth Portsmouth Cathedral High Street PO1 2HH R, T  
Old Portsmouth John Pounds Memorial
Unitarian Chapel
High Street PO1 2HW   Not participating, weddings all day
Paulsgrove St Michael & All Angels Hempstead Road PO6 4AS R, T  
Portsea All Saints Commercial Road PO1 4BT T Open 10 - 12
Portsea St Agatha Market Way PO1 4AD R, T Open 10.30 - 1.30
Portsea St John Cathedral Bishop Crispian Way PO1 3HG T Mass @ 12.15
Portsea St Faith Cresswell Street PO1 1HT R, T Open 10 - 12
Portsea St George St George's Square PO1 3AT R, T Open 10 - 12
Portsea St Wilfrid Church George Street PO1 5RA R, T  
Southsea Church Of The Holy Spirit Fawcett Road PO4 0DY R, T  
Southsea Langstone Church Shore Avenue PO4 8NB   Not participating
Southsea St Luke Greetham Street PO5 4LH   Not participating
Southsea St Margaret of Scotland Highland Road PO4 9DD   Not participating
Southsea St Simon Waverley Road PO5 2PW   Not participating
Southsea Trinity Methodist Albert Road PO4 0LX R, T  
Wymering St Peter & Paul Medina Road PO6 3NH R, T  

Romsey AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Ampfield St Mark Winchester Road SO51 9BU C  
Ashley St Mary Ashley SO20 6RQ R  
Awbridge All Saints Church Lane SO51 0HN O  
Bossington St James Back Lane SO20 6FY   Not participating
Braishfield All Saints Church Lane SO51 OQH R  
Braishfield United Reformed Church Braishfield Road SO51 0PN T  
Broughton St Mary High Street SO20 8AA R, T Weddings 1.30 onwards
Chilworth Old Village St Denys Fowler's Walk SO16 7NN C  
Crampmoor St Swithun Halterworth Lane SO51 9AN   Not participating
East Dean St Winfrith East Dean Road SP5 1HB O  
East Tytherley St Peter East Tytherley Road SP5 1UT R  
East Wellow St Margaret Church Lane SO51 6DR   Not participating
Eldon St John the Baptist Eldon Road SO20 6QN   Not participating
Farley Chamberlayne St John Farley Chamberlayne SO51 0QP R  
Houghton All Saints Church Lane SO20 6LJ R  
King's Somborne Methodist Winchester Road SO20 6NZ R, T  
King's Somborne St Peter & St Paul Romsey Road SO20 6PN R, T  
Leckford St Nicholas Leckford Lane SO20 6JG   Not participating
Little Somborne All Saints Somborne Park Road SO20 6QT O  
Lockerley St John Romsey Road SO51 0JJ R  
Longstock St Mary Church Road SO20 6EB   Not participating
Michelmersh St Mary Church Lane SO51 0NS   Not participating
Mottisfont St Andrew Church Lane SO51 0LN   Not participating
North Baddesley St John the Baptist Flexford Road SO52 9DF C  
North Baddesley All Saints Rownhams Road SO52 9ER C  
Nursling St Boniface Church lane SO16 0YB C  
Romsey Romsey Abbey The Abbey SO51 8EP   Not participating
Romsey Abbey URC The Abbey SO51 8EL   Not participating
Rownhams St John Horns Drove SO16 8AH C Weddings @ 11.30, 2.00 and 3.30
Sherfield English St Leonard Salisbury Road SO51 6FY   Not participating
Stockbridge St Peter High Street SO20 6HE R, T  
Stockbridge Old St Peter Stockbridge Road SO20 6HF R  
Timsbury St Andrew Manor Lane SO51 0NE C  
West Tytherley St Peter Church Lane SP5 1JZ R  

Southampton AreaBack to Top

See Eastleigh Area Go Eastleigh


Whitchurch AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Ashe Holy Trinity & St Andrew Ashe RG25 3AQ O  
Ashford Hill St Paul Ashford Hill Road RG19 8AZ T  
Ashmansworth St James Stony Lane RG20 9SP O  
Burghclere The Ascension Church Lane RG20 9HT R  
Crux Easton St Michael & All Angels Crux Easton RG20 9QE R  
Deane All Saints Deane RG25 3AR R  
East Woodhay St Martin East Woodhay RG20 0AL R  
Freefolk St Nicholas London Road RG28 7NW O  
Headley St Peter Newbury Road RG19 8LA C  
Highclere St Michael & All Angels Church Lane RG20 9RH   Not participating
Hurstbourne Priors St Andrew Hurstbourne Priors RG28 7SB R  
Kingsclere St Mary Swan Street RG20 5SJ O  
Laverstoke with
St Mary Laverstoke RG28 7NN R  
Litchfield St James the Less Litchfield RG28 7PR R  
Longparish St Nicholas Longparish SP11 6PB R  
Newtown St Mary the Virgin &
St John the Baptist
Well Street RG20 9BH O  
North Waltham St Michael North Road RG25 2BL R, T  
Overton St Mary Church Road RG25 3HF R, T  
St Mary Bourne St Peter St Mary Bourne SP11 6BL R  
Steventon St Nicholas Church Path RG25 3BE R  
Tufton St Mary Off Nun's Walk RG28 7RJ R  
Whitchurch All Hallows Church Street RG28 7AS R  
Whitchurch Baptist Church Newbury Street RG28 7DR C  
Woolton Hill St Thomas Church Road RG20 9XQ R, T  

Winchester AreaBack to Top

Town/Village Church Road/Street Post Code of Church Church facilities  
Barton Stacey All Saints High Street SO21 3RT T  
Bullington St Michael & All Angels Lower Bullington SO21 3RE C  
Chilcomb St Andrew Church Lane SO21 1HR R  
Headbourne Worthy St Swithun London Road SO23 7JR R, T  
Hunton St James Hunton Lane SO21 3PS R  
Hyde St Bartholomew King Alfred Place SO23 7DN R, T  
King's Worthy St Mary Worthy Road SO23 7QL R, T  
King's Worthy St Mary's Chapel Fraser Road SO23 7PH C  
Micheldever St Mary the Virgin Church Street SO21 3DA   Not participating
Morestead Morestead Church Morestead Road SO21 1LZ R  
Oliver's Battery St Mark Oliver's Battery Rd S SO22 4EU T Open 10 - 2
South Wonston St. Margaret Downs Road SO21 3EH R  
Stanmore St Luke Mildmay Street SO22 4BX T Open 10 - 2
Stoke Charity St Mary and St Michael Micheldever Road SO21 3PG R  
Twyford St Mary the Virgin Church Lane SO21 1NS T  
Winchester Cathedral The Close SO23 9LS R, T  
Winchester St Cross with St Faith St Cross Road SO23 9SD R, T  
Winchester St Lawrence The Square SO23 9EX R  
Winchester St Swithun St Swithun Street SO23 9JP R  
Winchester Society of Friends
Colebrooke Street SO23 9LH R Open 10 - 5
Winchester United Church Jewry Street SO23 8RZ R, T Open 10 - 2
Winchester St Barnabas Fromond Road SO22 6DS R, T  
Winchester St Matthew Stockbridge Road SO22 5JA T  
Winchester St John's Chapel The Broadway SO23 9LN O Open 10 - 4
Winchester All Saints Petersfield Road SO23 0JD T  
Winchester Holy Trinity Upper Brook Street SO23 8DG R, T  
Winchester St Paul St Paul's Hill SO22 5AB T  
Winchester St John the Baptist St John's Street SO23 0HF T  
Winchester St Peter Jewry Street SO23 8RY R Open 10 - 5
Winchester Christ Church Christchurch Road SO23 9SR R  
Winchester Chapel at University Sparkford Road SO22 4NR   Not participating
Wonston Holy Trinity Wonston SO21 3LS R, T Wedding @ 3pm
Woodmancote St James Woodmancott S021 3BN O