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Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Ride+Stride, 14th Sept 2024

The day is an exceptional opportunity to discover the rich heritage of our historic church buildings, see beautiful countryside, get some exercise travelling between the churches and have fun with friends and family. Ride and Stride is a chance for you, your family and friends to visit churches, chat with church representatives and learn more about the history and heritage of the churches. You can be sure the sponsorship money you raise will be used for repairs and restoration to the churches and chapels of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

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Taking Part as a Participant

I am a Church Representative

As a participant your sponsored journey on Saturday 14th September 2024 between as many churches as you wish can be on foot, bicycle, scooter, horseback, canoe, bus or classic car, exploring and enjoying the countryside from Sandown to Silchester, Fordingbridge to Farnborough. As there are over 400 due to be open you can have fun choosing which will be part of your itinerary. Many will have refreshments, some will have toilets open, and all should offer your group a warm welcome. Plan your route here or go to the Days Out page for further suggestions

In 2023 Ride+Stride in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight raised over £50,000 of sponsorship money, including Gift Aid. This sponsorship money helps to fund repairs to the historic fabric and features of churches as well as urgent repairs such as retaining walls in graveyards, leaky roofs and the installation of facilities to make Hampshire’s historic churches, chapels and meeting houses of all denominations fit to serve local communities for future generations.