Taking part as a Church on Saturday 14th Sept 2024

There are 3 ways that your church can take part:

  1. Encourage Riders and Striders from the parish to raise money through seeking sponsorship and participating on the day. All ages can take part by bicycle, on foot, in a wheelchair, on horseback or car. It can be a fun day out for a family or group or as an individual.
  2. Welcome visitors from other churches by opening your church and providing refreshments.
  3. Put up a welcome sign outside or in the porch for people to sign if you are unable to open your church.

Please register your church online by following this link Church Registration Online or
Download the following document and send to your Area Coordinator  Church Registration Document 

Here are documents that you can download to help you as a Church Representative:

 Ride and Stride Guidelines an information leaflet for you and sponsored Riders and Striders

The following document will help to organise the Ride+Stride day for your church Benefits & Suggestions

Hopefully you will have had a sponsored Rider or Strider who has nominated your church to receive half of the money raised by them. If so please send the following document to your Area Coordinator Church Representative Return Form as soon as possible after the Ride+Stride Day

The following documents will help you advertise the event:
Posters/Flyers A4 Poster or A5 Flyer
Welcome Card on the day Welcome Card
Record the number of visitors to your church Visitor Register

To assist your sponsored Rider or Strider here is the Sponsorship Form and a link to GoodHub

To find your local Area Coordinator or Church Representative, please email rideandstride to contact the County Ride and Stride Coordinator Team.